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Alienware and XPS Will Remain Active Dell Brands

A press release was issued by Dell in May 13, 2008 stating that it will continue to support both the XPS and Alienware brands. This press release was issued after a report by Wall Street Journal claimed Dell was discontinuing XPS. Dell will continue to support and manufacture XPS computers while placing more funding into developing Alienware as the primary brand for gaming PCs.

Both XPS and Alienware are computer brands that cater mostly to gamers. The Wall Street Journal report stated that Dell will abandon its long standing XPS line of computers. The newspaper also said that this will be done to bring more attention to the Alienware brand.

Dell countered by saying that its XPS line has evolved from being a purely gaming PC. Recent releases from the brand incorporated more features that allow for business use. The XPS One computer is being touted as an all-purpose machine. Its specifications still allow it to handle high-performance computer games. However, the machine has been modified to allow it to handle several other processes. Another product called the XPS M1330 is the leading portable laptop, while the XPS 420 desktop is a machine designed for creating, editing and supporting multimedia.

Alienware develops a line of computers dedicated solely to gaming. The Alienware Company was acquired by Dell in 2006. Both companies have remained independent in terms of PC hardware and system development. Alienware focuses on custom-made computers with unique designs and high-performance engines. Its machines are patronized by gamers who use high-end computers for hours of game play.

Dell has continued to develop both brands independently. Its own XPS line was developed toward other markets while Alienware continues to develop specialty engines for gaming. Alienware machines take a long time to develop and perfect. Their machines also use both Intel and Advanced Micro Device chips. In contrast, Dell uses an efficient development process that allows it to release several new products and has an exclusive deal with Intel.

Dell’s acquisition of Alienware allows the PC gaming manufacturer to gain access to Dell’s massive marketing engine, while Alienware gives Dell a slice of the high-end computer market.

The Wall Street Journal article that led to the press release states that Dell was switching its main gaming brand to increase profits. In the article, it is said that Dell is disappointed when it placed after Hewlett-Packard in terms of revenue. To solve the problem, the article claims that Dell would abandon the XPS line to focus on the more popular and profitable high-end Alienware products.

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