Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

Uninstall Yahoo! Search Companion

f you installed Yahoo! Search Companion on your machine, this Internet browser add-on can allow you to conveniently access your bookmarked sites since it organizes the web pages. The Yahoo! Search Companion can also enhance your Internet browser by enabling it to provide you with a means to be capable of creating custom buttons. Apart from these advantages, the Yahoo! Search Companion can bolster the security features of your Internet browser.

But if you find the Yahoo! Search Companion as a hindrance to the overall performance of your Internet browser, you can uninstall this browser add-on through various means. The following is amongst the easiest ways to uninstall the Yahoo! Search Companion and all its associated components:

1. Initialize Internet Explorer.
2. Access the options provided by the Yahoo! Search Companion toolbar. You can do this by clicking on the Pencil icon and selecting Uninstall from the list of options.
3. Click on Uninstall after the Uninstall page has loaded.
4. Terminate all running Internet Explorer windows.
5. Launch Internet Explorer to confirm the successful uninstallation of the Yahoo! Search Companion.

You can also take the following steps in order to remove the Yahoo! Search Companion from your IE browser:

1. Go to Control Panel. You can do this by going to the Start Menu>Settings>Control Panel. Clicking on the Control Panel icon will launch an Explorer window.
2. Double-click on the Add or Remove Programs icon in order to initialize a dialogue box that contains information on the applications that are currently installed on your machine.
3. Select Yahoo! Toolbar from the list of installed applications.
4. Click on the Change/Remove button.
5. Follow the succeeding prompts.
6. Launch your IE browser so as to validate that the Yahoo! Search
7. Companion has been successfully removed from your machine. :)trust me

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