Minggu, 15 Maret 2009

How do I Remove Mirar?

Mirar is also referred to as Getmirar. It is a spyware application, which means it can endanger the security and stability of your machine and access the private files or confidential information stored in it. Spyware applications such as Mirar send out advertisements depending on the current URLs of the Internet browser.

Mirar is capable of installing itself as an Internet browser add-on. It drops registry entries in the System Registry in order for the OS to validate its authenticity as an Internet browser add-on. In order to remove Mirar from your computer, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel. Clicking on the Control Panel icon will launch an Explorer window.
2. Double-clicking the Add or Remove Programs icon on the Control Panel window will initialize an applet to appear on the screen. This applet contains a list of programs that are currently installed on your machine.
3. Selecting Mirar from the list and clicking on the Change/Remove button will execute the uninstallation process of Mirar.
4. Follow the succeeding prompts and launch your Internet browser in order to validate the successful removal of Mirar. But some files and registry entries associated with Mirar may have not been properly removed, so it would still be best to install a good anti-malware program and conduct a full system scan.
5. You can download and install the free Mirar Scanner from the SpyHunter website. However, keep in mind that this tool can only detect the presence of Mirar on your machine. Removing the spyware application will require you to purchase the spyware removal tool. This software application was developed by SpyHunter to help users automatically purge their computers of spyware programs and other malicious processes.

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