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Offline Media Advertising Versus Online Advertising

According to Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, when it comes to advertising print prevails on the Internet. This view of Webwindows is confirmed by findings by companies such as Google and Deloitte.

Webwindows explains these findings by stating that newspapers and magazines are integrally woven into the collective psyche of the people and even in the times of the Internet, they remain the main source of news, analysis and information. Webwindows further states that newspapers are synonymous with trust and quality and so people put more faith in the print media than in any other media. According to Webwindows, people turn to the print media to make their purchase decisions and to the Internet to research about the offerings of the companies which are advertised in the newspapers.

Webwindows also feels that as far as costs are concerned, print media promises better results on investment. The problem according to Webwindows, with online advertising is that it is either free or too expensive. Webwindows rightly feels and its views are confirmed by many consumers that free advertising increases chances of fraud. On the other hand, Webwindows feels that newspaper advertising is safer. The rising cost of online advertising, according to Webwindows, does not make it feasible for small businesses.

Webwindows also supports its case for offline advertising by pointing out an important finding by Deloitte. According to the report, there are people who would actually pay for taking off the advertisements that appear on the web pages they are reading. Webwindows explains this phenomenon by saying that these ads cause unnecessary distractions when people are trying to focus on what is written on the web page. This, says Webwindows, is not the case with offline advertising. The advertisements in the newspapers are static and do not distract the readers.

Then again, if advertisements are placed in specific places, they are read by people who are actually interested in reading them. It is precisely because of this that Webwindows has a special page in seven leading newspapers and magazines in the UK which is completely dedicated to small and mid sized businesses to advertise their offerings. The Webwindows page has over five million readership per week. This naturally means that your advertisement in the Webwindows page is read by people who are looking for online bargains. Newspapers are read by people who are educated and affluent and have the purchasing power to buy products and services. This according to Webwindows constitutes the main difference between online advertising and offline advertising. In online advertising, advertising are forced upon the reader. On the other hand, says Webwindows, newspaper advertisements are read by people who want to find out something more about the products and services. The willingness and interest level makes all the difference between online and offline advertising. This is why Webwindows advocates offline media as a better medium for advertising and better returns on investments.

By: Web Windows

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Andrew Mogridge is managing director of web windows marketing limited. Web Windows has offered the best value newspaper advertisements in the market for over a decade. For more information, check out his web site at www.webwindows.co.uk/

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